Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fabric paper

I have been reading about fabric paper and although I did it once with my quilt "Reaching for Torah", I wanted to try it again. The weather was gorgeous so I set up a work table outside covered in plastic and put down my piece of muslin. I watered down white glue and merrily sloshed it onto the fabric using a foam brush. I did small areas at a time so that the glue didn't dry before I was ready for it to. I placed tea bags randomly onto the fabric and covered them with a coating of glue. My friends and I had saved tea bags all winter and after they are used and dry out it is easy to open them up and dump the tea. I love the colors that the tea stains the paper. You can see that I had a few circular tea bags and a coffee filter too. I added some mulberry paper that had similar colors and let the whole thing dry. The next day, I covered it with a teflon pressing cloth and ironed both sides and it flattened out beautifully. I may cut it up or I may quilt it as is. For now, it is hanging on my design wall until I get a brilliant idea.

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Bee said...

I have started saving my tea bags!!