Sunday, July 26, 2009

Spring Table runner and Marni at Barnes & Noble

I created this table runner to use as a class sample. I will be teaching curved piecing and fusible applique. I love the cheery fabric.
Marni and I discovered her book on the shelves at Barnes & Noble in Medford. The release date is Aug. 3 so we were thrilled to see it there early. We are hoping that it will reach a lot of people battling Trichitolmania and help them to realize that they are not alone.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

New Series

I have begun a new series which I am mounting on black canvas that measures 8 x 10. Each piece will incorporate different fibers and textures and at least one piece from nature. This time I used green velvet, soy silk fiber, a dyed bark and that orange thing is something weird from nature that came in a scented mix of leaves and roots from Thailand. I plan to repeat the same colors throughout the series. I am having fun!
Rascal went with me and Marni to Sisters for the quilt show. He posed nicely for the camera - a real first. Must mean that at 2 years old he is finally calming down.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Abbie's graduation quilt

My niece Abbie is off to college at Rice University specifically in the music program. She loves opera and she is amazing at it. In fact, yesterday she performed at the Kennedy Center to a sold out crowd. Unbelievable.
I chose fabric with musical notes and Pam McAuliffe did incredible quilting with musical notes.

Here is a close up. I hope she feels warm and loved and wrapped in music.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

t-shirts and fuzzy flowers

I was commissioned to create a t-shirt quilt by a woman whose husband has recently passed away. We used his favorite t-shirts and logos from his hats. The quilt is a memorial to a life well lived.
This small quilt was the outcome of a new product that I saw in Ohio. I sewed straight lines across 7 layers of fabric following a grid. Then I cut the strips apart, and glued them to the already quilted fabric. When the glue dried, I sewed the strips in place. I soaked the whole piece to get the glue out and while the quilt was still damp, I went at the pink layers with a bristle brush. I actually bought a brush meant for cleaning grout and tile at the hardware store and it worked great. It fuzzed up the fabric so that it is very dimensional.

This is the result! A very fuzzy flower.