Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dunderhogan #7 - Lost in the forest

My quilting buddies encouraged me to do a 3 dimensional Dunderhogan so I created Lost in the Woods. All of the leaves are two fabrics fused together with Wonder Under and then free hand quilted individually. Then I cut them out and sewed them to the piece.

You can see from the close up that she has 3-D antenna which were created by wrapping florist wire with variegated yarn. I sewed her body to the quilt and then stuffed it to get the dimension I wanted. Her feet and arms are made of felt so they flip up off the quilt too.

Here is a side view so that you can see how dimensional it really is. I seem to be on a roll with these little guys....wonder what I will come up with next?

Friday, January 22, 2010

More Dunderhogans

Two more Dunderhogans to add to the family. This is a close up of "Multiplied". I practiced my free hand quilting on their bellies.
Again I wove the background fabric and used metallic washers fro their eyes.
This Dunderhogan is called Exploded. I began by weaving the background and then decided to leave half of it free and wild.
I am still using puff balls for their bellies.
I am going to LA for a Craft and Hobby Convention so I decided to post early because I won't be around on Sunday. I have another Dunderhogan in the works to reveal next week!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Adaptations:What empty nest syndrome?

The Fiber Arts Connection in California has a challenge called we adapt to changes in our lives. I pondered the subject for a long time and finally decided that I would create a happy quilt about how I have adapted to an empty house after raising 4 children. This quilt is the result. The "nest" began in a class with Carol Taylor where I learned how to couch wonderful yarns. The small embroidered pieces were inspired by an article in Quilting Arts or Cloth, Paper, Scissors...I love both magazines and can't remember which one I got the idea from. If you click on the picture, you can see a larger view of it.
I thought about how I fill my time now that the kids are gone and travel is high on my list of things to do. I went to Egypt last December and will visit my daughter who is an au pair in Italy this Spring. My oldest son is getting married in Thailand this coming December so my life is full of travel plans.
I love being out in nature and I try to walk in the mountains every day...if it isn't raining.
Rascal is my Labradoodle and my baby. He follows me everywhere and I would be very lonely without him.
Art is a high priority for me...especially any kind that involves fiber.
I love to read and since my daughter, Marni published her autobiography last year, it had to be one of the books in the pile.
Gardening is a new adventure for me. I grew wonderful tomatoes last year and the deer even left a few for me to eat. This year they will be seeing stronger fences around my garden.
My newest hobby is playing the guitar. I treated myself to one for my 55th birthday and have been teaching myself by watching DVDs. I absolutely love it.

Each embroidered piece was done on linen and then mounted on timtex and felt. I used variegated embroidery floss, crystals and some silver needlepoint floss to add glitz. I also used fabric markers in places to add color. The nest was made as one large piece and then cut into smaller units. I sewed each unit to a backing fabric so they are all finished pieces. Everything was sewn to a piece of tulle and then mounted on a larger piece of purple felt. This was an ongoing project over a number of months just because I only did the embroidery at odd moments when I had time. I loved getting back into embroidery and hope to do more of it in the future.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


This was my last challenge for 2009. I used fabric that I rusted this summer using bicycle parts and vinegar on an old, rusty cookie sheet. The spokes between the circles are tea bags that look kind of rusty after the tea dries and you empty the bags. I used a pink mist to even out the colors a little.
I also got to use real metal parts that I have been hording for a long time. Hopefully this quilt will travel. I will let you know.

Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 plans and blessings

Maybe I should start the new year with prayers and blessings. I finished this tallis (prayer shawl) and shipped it off to New York so that Jordan (whoever he may be) can use it for his Bar Mitzvah. In a way, it was the perfect project to end a wonderful year of creativity. I haven't spent time looking back over my blog but I know that I created a lot of work and didn't miss too many Sundays of postings...and I do feel so blessed to have the opportunity to create my art.
My word for the new year is Focus. When I put up my show at Grilla Bites, I realized that I do a lot of different things - always trying the newest products and techniques which is great for teaching but not necessarily great for coming up with a body of work that is identifiable as mine.
So I have been examining the things that I real like ....lots of free machine quilting, lots of texture whether with yarn, beads, soy silk or fabric. ....and I love using batiks and hand dyed fabrics.
Now to the goals for the year: to do two series - continue with the Dunderhogans and create a more deep and meaningful series. Continue to do work for challenges and call for entries and aim to get another piece in a SAQA show this year. So where is the Focus? I guess I will need to pass on a few minor challenges and focus on the big stuff.
Don't worry....I will continue to post weekly but maybe I will post works in progress instead of finished pieces. In any case, the postings keep me on my path and I appreciate that you are out there reading them....I would love to hear from you too. Any suggestions? What are your goals for the new year?