Sunday, June 27, 2010

End of the book

So now we come to the final pages of the book This is a picture of my parents at UCLA where they met. Needless to say we are steadfast Bruin fans.

I used clear buttons and handmade lace pieces to highlight this snowy scene.
I love this picture of them sitting on the car.
And this is my favorite of them all. Couldn't my Mom have been in a Betty Crocker commercial? Here she is with her first Thanksgiving turkey. The picture just screamed for rickrack!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

More Mom

Here are more pages from the cloth journal. I love the paw prints with the dog.

This is the only picture that my Mom did not want in the journal. Any idea why?

My Dad was a pilot in World War II. They met at UCLA after the war.

The lace squares were hand made by my father's relatives.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

A book for my mother

We got some wonderful blank cloth books in the quilt store and after seeing a blog by Bee, I just had to try my hand at decorating pages. I opted for old photos of my parents - my mother in particular. I used buttons, ribbon and embroidery for embellishment.
I started out by cutting the doubled pages apart and sewing the framed pictures to the background of each page. I tried spraying the background of this page with paint but I didn't have much control over the paint. The reason for slitting the pages is so that your stitching doesn't show on the back side. When the pages are all completed, you sew them together again in pairs.
This one has old hand made lace around the picture. It was handed down through the family and probably made by my father's mother.
I had a great time playing with fabric, embellishment and design. Next time I will show you more pictures from the book.
Happy quilting!

Sunday, June 6, 2010


I took an online class by Susie Monday about using graphics on fabric. I decided to print the word green on thick handmade paper from Thailand. I used different fonts and different shades of green. In some places the paper was a little too thick going through my printer so there are dark ink marks but for the most part, the lettering worked well. I cut out the individual letters and glued them to the background fabric after playing with the arrangement.
I sewed down the skeleton leaves to my batik background and did some hand stitching with my hand dyed threads. It was a wonderful opportunity to use what I had learned in a project. Be sure to check out the other pieces for this challenge at