Sunday, May 25, 2008

all that glitters...

I have begun a class online and this week we looked at textures. We had an assignment to take one color family and create a quick collage focusing on texture. I didn't quite follow all of the instructions and I went for a collaged quilt which took me more than the assigned 30 minutes but I had fun! I began by fusing a lot of different gold fabrics on top of each other and the background. Then I quilted the whole thing before adding the textured fabrics on top. Some of it has been collected over the last 5 years from garage sales. Some of it is upholstry samples that were gifted to me.... and some were pieces that I just couldn't part with.

Blue Lagoon was created in less than 3o minutes using glue and some stitching to hold down the feathers. It was fun to create quickly and intuitively.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sticks and Stones

This is another fused quilt that I began sometime last year and finally got around to quilting. It is all hand dyed fabric by Laura Wasilowski. I am working on a number of larger challenge quilts right now but none are ready for viewing so as Sunday rolls around, I am continually inspired to complete smaller projects that have been waiting their turn for a very long time!
Close up of the free hand quilting.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Out of Balance

I used leftover pieces from a graduation quilt that I made for Jonathan and played with shapes and balance. I actually designed it upside down but I like this direction better. It uses batiks and store bought fabrics.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Rules of Ka-ching

This is the first show that the Rogue Art Quilters are presenting under our new name. We have 15 pieces (one more to arrive shortly) and the show will hang at US Bank in downtown Ashland through the end of June.
Because the show is at a bank we thought about money. We titled the show Ka-ching and the rules were:

Quilts had to be 20" x 26"
A piece of the same green batik had to appear on the front of every quilt
Something from the hardware store had to be on each quilt
A pocket, a credit card or money had to be on the quilt
The quilt needs to make a noise.

We had a great time creating these pieces and are thrilled with the results. We would love to hear your feedback.


Terry Stone created this piece on felted fabric. That is a real hammer and lots of pennies.

Suzanne McBride created a very 3 dimensional quilt with gates swinging open.

My quilt was inspired by the stock market and my plan to send Marni to college. When you lift the coin, the song Taking Care of Business plays for you. I used plastic tubing from the hardware store.

I fused the business section of the New York Times onto fabric in a collage and then covered it with gel medium to keep the paper from disintegrating. I quilted words having to do with money randomly across the quilt.


This is the money pit by Shirley Snowden. She used screen material for the door that is hanging off its hinges.

This couple is Shirley and her husband who have spent a lot of time and money redoing their own house in she knows what she is talking about!

This quilt is by Sheri Russo. The pig lifts up to show words underneath.

You can see the green fabric scattered throughout the quilt top.

On the back, Sheri has bowls which also lift up to display things that she is thankful for.

This is Turkey Mandala by Sarah Breckenridge. Those are real feathers and she did lots of hand stitching on this piece.

Rona Barnes created Such a Deal using credit cards that have come to her in the mail.

Arabian Nights is Patty Duggan's first quilt for our group. She used chain from the hardware store and lots of coins to get that jingle.

Lynne Goulette photo transfered money from different countries and did gorgeous freehand quilting across her piece.

Elaine Turcke painted washers and cut up credit cards to get
the sound out of her quilt.


This is the Queen of Ka-ching by Denise Johnson. If you look closely, you might recognize the face of Suzie Orman.
She has coins underneath plastic and lots of chain and washers from the hardware store.

This piece is by Denise DeMarie. She used wire fencing to cover the coins that are mounted on the blue.

This is the top of Denise's piece.

A close up of the Money tree by Debra Wolfson.

Debra did a lot of freehand quilting and she used a ribbon for her binding.

Carol Schulman had a great time at the hardware store where she bought screws, washers, chain and lots of other things for her wonderful quilt

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Springtime and Starburst

I played with foil this week and created Starburst in the process. I used fusible thread in my sewing machine and foiled over it to get the straight lines. I used a foil glue on a rubber stamp to get the swirls and Bonash Bonding Agent 007 to get the sparkles in the background. It was so much fun to experiment with.

The outside border is a pre-printed irredescent fabric that I have had in my stash for a long time...just waiting for the perfect occasion.

I also finished this small piece which I had started last summer. It uses hand dyed fabrics and threads from Laura Wasilowski. I love the bright colors that she gets and the thread was fun to use although it wasn't easy to sew through the fusible web that I had behind the pieces.

I will be posting the Ka-ching challenge this week. Just waiting for two more quilts. Most of them can be seen at US Bank in Ashland. Definitely worth a visit.