Sunday, May 17, 2009

Paper waves

I have been playing some more with water soluble paper. This time I painted it completely after dissolving parts of it. I used acryllic paint and added pearlex powder for sparkle. I sewed it by machine to a piece of synthetic felt and took a heat gun to the felt afterwards. The felt crinkled up in places and holes appeared so I mounted it on a piece of bright blue felt to allow the color to show through the holes.
If you click on the picture, it should enlarge for you. I have also been working on some larger quilts with Bali Pops and new marble fabric but you don't get to see those until they are quilted!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

IF: Talisman

I played with water soluble paper this week. I used two pieces for thickness and drew lines with ink on the top one. Then I added water with a paint brush and the uninked areas began to dissolve. I manipulated the paper with the hard end of the brush until I was happy with it and let it dry.
I painted the whole piece with lumiere paint and when it was dry, I glued it to the felt. I used fusible cording for the string and voila!
Interesting stuff to work with.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cabbage Patch

One morning while taking a shower, I focused on the tiles in my bathroom and realized that they created a pretty cool design. I jotted it down and went to work where I spent quite a while trying to figure out which five fabrics would work best together.
Cabbage Patch was the result and from that came the table runner design. They are constructed a little differently from each other so I wrote them up as two separate patterns.
They look especially nice with batiks but I would guess that any fabrics would work well.
Yesterday I scored at a garage sale on art supplies and old photos. Some of the photos date back 100 years and I can't wait to try them in a collage. Now...if I just had the time....