Sunday, April 26, 2009

Raspberry Pops

Quiltz finally got in a collection of fabrics called Bali Pops. There are 40 different strips measuring 2 1/2 inches each.
I selected a package of jewel tone prints (of course) and added the raspberry color to create this fun quilt. It is about twin size and it went together in a very short time.
I have created a pattern called Raspberry Pops which is now available.
In the meantime, I am playing with water soluble paper. I will show you those results in the near future. Just having too much fun!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

King size Lone Star

Here is the long awaited Lone Star that I created for my friends, Anne and Bob. The quilting was done by Shelley Knapp and she did a beautiful job.

This is the outside border quilting.

Here is a view of the quilt on their bed.
I haven't made a Lone Star in years and it was fun to revisit the pattern. Most of the fabrics are favorite.

More quilting in the background around the star.

And wonderful feathers in the star itself.

The quilting is really gorgeous.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Heartist Shrine challenge

The art group decided to create our own shrines after looking at an article in Cloth, Paper, Scissor Magazine. I created mine as a gift for Shayna who is graduating from Whitman College this year. I printed a photo of one of my orchids onto watercolor paper and added watercolor paint around the edges. I used a combination of papers and fabrics to create the body of the work. The butterfly is tissue paper and the shells are real. I mounted the whole thing onto Fast2fuse to give it support. The back side is another piece of Fast2fuse covered in fabric with a letter to Shayna printed on it. I fused the two sections together and satin stitched around the outside a couple of times to get a smooth edge. There is hand stitching and once again, I had fun beading the leaves that hang from the bottom. The piece evolved as I went along and I loved watching the ideas unfold as I needed them.

The yellow paper was a little too bright so I covered it with a colored tulle to mute it a little.

I got to use my new gromet gun to cover holes where I connected pieces with beads.

This is Wendy's Shrine to playfulness. I love her use of yellow. She started with a cigar box which she collaged and embellished.

Here is the inside. Doesn't it make you smile?

Patty is learning about Zen Buddhism and her shrine is a collaged piece also. She used some wonderful velvet pieces for the top part that seem to swirl around.

I love her lotus flower too.

Maya did a shrine to food. Those are real forks and the shrine is created on a bread pan that she found at a yard sale.

I love her collaged vegies in the background.

Jayne opted for a nature collage with lots of butterflies.

Her circular disk says it all: Simple Happiness asks for nothing, just breathes, just accepts, just is.

Denise used a beaded cabachon
that we made in a class with Larkin Van Horn and she mounted it on a beautiful blue batik.

She has a hummingbird in the center and wonderful pieces dangling from the bottom.

I think the curved pieces are bone and it is a shrine to creativity...if I remember correctly.
All of the shrines were unique and wonderful in their own way. It was a great project for each of us.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

IF: Poise and Butterfly

What better way to illustrate "Poise" than a girl trying to walk with books on her head? And it is Marni of all people! Shayna wants to know how big these pieces are - each one measures about 5 1/2 inches square. This time I printed the photo from Fabric Fun for Kids onto photo paper and sewed the paper right onto the felt.

I did this piece with my art group last Sunday evening. Just played with fusing fabrics, a little quilting and some cool buttons. I love these small (8 x 10) collage pieces. They are quick, easy and fun to create. I am just finishing up a Lone Star - king size - pictures coming soon.