Sunday, October 18, 2009


This is my newest pattern made from 40 strips of Metro fabric. I love this fabric line - stripes, dots, plaids and florentine designs all blending together. I was really pleased with the results. One of these days I will get it quilted!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Our Friday morning critique group decided to create art pieces that are 12" x 12" around a theme word. This month's word was Passion and a lot of us thought red or purple. Tina Somerset used some of her recently hand dyed fabrics, added folds, stenciling and angelina for glitz. I love the curvy lines that she got from a lasagna noodle!
Rona Barnes did lots of felting. She molded her 3-dimensional shape, appliqued cording that she had made herself and played with circles on her Bernina.
Nancy Pagani made the center of this piece a while ago and found the perfect Asian fabrics to go with it. It has a very calm and watery feel to it.
I designed this piece to have the Dragonfly flying off from the upper right hand corner but blogger has other ideas. I painted canvas a purple color and wrote the word Passion at various angles across it. Then I collected anything that I could find in my studio that was red or purple including the Dragonfly that was left over from another project. I enjoyed working small but it was definitely a challenge.
Elaine Turcke got lots of texture on her flame piece. I love the beading that she did by hand to highlight the outside curves.
Debra Wolfson's piece is still in progress but everything is fused and ready for quilting. She is passionate about water too.

Carolyn Wolf's passion is her garden right now and she took some amazing photographs of her tomatoes. We decided that they were very erotic. She is ready to quilt her piece too.
Our next challenge is due two months from now and the word is Symbiotic. Now that is what I call a challenge!